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We don't make electric cars, we make cars electric. 

Most people have not yet heard of converting a gasoline powered car to electric. And everyone is amazed by how simple it is once its done. Our services give you the freedom to choose any car and any level of performance and range.

Not all cars are the same and there is no one-size-fits-all conversion. We have designed four base performance packages to deliver the performance you want out of your car: (named to suit the approximate gas equivalent) 

  • E4 - equipped with a very efficient 9" motor suited for 70-100 peak horsepower
  • E6 - uses an even more powerful 9" motor designed to deliver over 240 horsepower
  • E8 - like the E6 package, but with an 11" motor for even more torque
  • ESS - The Electric Super Sport - this makes any car the perfect sleeper