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Porsche Recap

In writing this, the conversion is nearly complete.  We have deviated from our original intent of just swapping batteries and instead gutted nearly everything and refreshed it all. The only thing we didn't do is remove the mounting bolts on the motor.

  • Reprogram and completely reposition charger
  • Reprogram and improve mounting of motor controller
  • Installed redundent safety disconnects
  • Installed inertia switch
  • Integrated all electric heat into passenger climate controls
  • Integrated motor speet limiting
  • Connected motor RPM to exiting tach guage (had not been done before)
  • Integrated "Check engine" light for motor controller to instrument cluster
  • Integrated Power on confirmation to instrument cluster
  • Eliminated leaky heater system (had previousely damaged charger)
  • Provided full pack voltmeter (previously only displayed portion of pack)
  • Provided Amp-hour meter to track true state of charge
  • Provided for continous power to steering and air conditioning systems
  • Upgraded charger to industry compliant J1772

All in the process of just upgrading some batteries.

Our intent was to publish video and commentary on the process as it was happening. We shot video, but are now publishing it post conversion. Doing it and getting it done were higher priorities than talking about doing it and getting it done.