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Video installment 1

Let's begin with the beginning. The Porsche had been sitting, unusable, for some many months and accumulated a coat of dross that truely diminished its beauty. So naturally, we gave it a bath before gutting it.

Frankly, we didn't know what we were in for when it all began. The modest performer had been stuffed to the gills with lead. It frankly was a bit portly. Our intent was to get an official weight before and after, but the tow truck driver was over booked and uncooperative. By spec, we shaved 500 pounds off the car in batteries alone. That doesn't account for the trade-off of steel for aluminum structure holding said batteries. What we can tell you is that the car grew taller by an inch through the whole process.

Hidden fasteners are not unheard of, so we didn't think anything of it when we didn't notice any straps across the tops of the traction batteries. Upon removing the terminal covers, we found that indeed there were no hidden fasteners because there were no fasteners. Of all the batteries, the only one held down was the original 12v left in place from when the car was gasoline powered. This is not acceptable. We still are astonished by the lack of concern for safety that the prior converter displayed.

Beyond a lack of restraint, we discoverd that the battery terminals themselves were not adequately tightened in at least one case. The front of the car had been home to eight 12v batteries with five completely obscured by the other three. Occasional maintenance checks for tension was not an option. Our new batteries feature much more secure connections through the use of Nordlock locking washers; they actually require more force to loosen than was used to initially tighten them.


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