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ESS - Electric Super Sport Package

This is where things get crazy.

We start with 374 horsepower and ask if you want more. You see, the 1,000 amp controller in the E6 and E8 base packages is held back from showing its real power unless you couple it with a truly great motor.

Enter the Warp 11 HV. Unlike its siblings, this motor is designed with interpoles - electromagnets designed to enable higher voltages to be applied. With more volts, you can use more amps at higher speeds, giving you more power.

But it doesn't stop there.  You can upgrade to a 2,000 or even a 3,000 amp controller. Or if that's still not enough, dual motors may be the solution.

Range is entirely up to you. If 1/4 mile is far enough, that's fine too. 

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