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Our rolling business card is based on the Bradley GT2 kit car from the late 70's.  It rides on a VW chassis, which is rather ideal in that aftermarket parts are widely available.

Everywhere we go, people stop and ask all about it.

We retained the original transmission and even the clutch! This gives wonderful accelleration and good highway performance as well. The current battery provides a usable range of 40-50 miles, depending on how heavy into the throttle you are.

The conversion itself is actually quite straightforward. And with the fishbowl motor bay cover, you can see all of it at once.  There are five essential components: the motor, the motor controller, the battery, the charger, and the 12v power supply.

There are of course a few additional items to make things simpler to use, like the industry standard J1772 charge port and the battery capacity meter. Or more safe with things like the Ferraz Shawmut pack fuse, the service disconnect, and the high impact switch that disconnects power to the motor in the event of a collision. 

A recent repair to the car demonstrates the simplicity. After nearly a year of service, we discovered that the 40 year old transmission mounts had failed. To replace the mounts, we had to completely disassemble the battery, and remove its box and mounting bracket. As well we had to remove the motor from the transmission, which required removing the motor controller as well. The repair to the transmission only took an hour or so once everything was out of the way. The entire process of disassembling the conversion components, repairing the transmission, and rebuilding the conversion began Friday evening and was complete Saturday evening.  Just one day.  It would have gone quicker, but we decided to go mudding in another conversion we recently completed.